Saturday, March 12, 2016

First training ride of 2016!

It's crazy to think I was skiing a week and a half ago, and now we're out on the bikes. We got into the 70s and 80s this past week, and although today wasn't quite that warm, it was good enough for an impromptu ride. 11.5 miles at a leisurely pace... nothing to write home about, but you have to start somewhere.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

The B-Team is riding in 2016!

This will be our biggest team ever, as we welcome new members Bob King and Kevin Baker. Our fundraising goal is $35,000, so let's get started!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Our Pan-Mass Challenge 2013 in photos

It's always difficult to express what it's like to ride the PMC. There are so many moments and feelings that you experience over 3 days -- from Friday registration to Sunday finish -- that it's hard to put it into words. So here are a few photographs of our "B-Team" in PMC 2013. We had a great weekend together, and by Sunday we had raised over $20,300 for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Thank you!

Brian, Janet & Carol
"The B-Team"

Carol, Janet and Brian, registering Friday afternoon at Babson

Leaving the bikes at Babson -- Thanks PWC for the nice seatcovers!

Bee-ified helmets, prepped Friday night in Boston

Ready to go Saturday morning at Babson

Bee-power x2!

"It's a beautiful day" -- Rolling off with 2,500 of our fellow cyclists

Brian at the mid-day lunch stop

Lunch under cloudy skies


Why we ride -- "Pedal Partner" display coming into the Lakeville waterstop

Saturday afternoon waterstop -- thank you, volunteers!

Arrival at MMA - feeling great!

Janet & Carol at MMA

Brian & Janet relaxing at MMA

MMA wind turbine watches over our bikes

Up early Sunday morning

Bike racks at MMA Sunday morning

Onto the Cape!


Sunday morning coffee break, first waterstop of the day

"Love your hats!"

Trail-riding on Cape Cod

Sore knees

Don't mess with The Beas!

Heading to P-Town on Route 6 - a real slog

P-Town finish!

Go B-Team!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

PMC Live: Provincetown (2.3)

Safe in at Provincetown, MA! What a great day!
Now enjoying burgers & beer at PTown Inn.

PMC Live: 5 miles to go!

Heading out to Race Point now, taking the "long way" in.

PMC Live: Wellfleet Waterstop (2.2)

Last stop before Provincetown! Had some lovely riding on the bike trails. Now we feel like we're really on the cape & near the ocean.

PMC Live: bonus post!


PMC Live: Brewster Waterstop (2.1)

The town of Brewster was so great! So many people out to cheer for us.

Now we're at Nickerson State Park. A favorite waterstop-- time to wolf down some PB&J.

37.7 miles to P-Town :-)

PMC Live: Barnstable Waterstop (2.0)

Beautiful morning perfect for cycling. 23 miles in and it's time to uhh, take care of the coffee...

PMC Live: day 2 begins

Up early this a.m. Not much to say -- need coffee!
Should hit the road before 5:30.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

PMC Live: Goodnight from Bourne, MS

We're hitting the sack now after a great evening at MMA. Tomorrow we'll try to get up at 4:00 so we can get on the road to the Cape early.

Although we had a little bit of rain midday, things cleared up beautifully by the afternoon. Now it's cool with a nice breeze-- perfect for sleeping! Good night!


Safe in at MMA in Bourne! Arrived about 3:30. Great day of riding; nice and cool the whole way.

Time to clean up and hit the dinner tent!

PMC Live: Wareham

8.9 miles to go now! Rain stopped a while ago. Quick break then on to MMA.

Lunch, continued

Hey a quick note to let you all know some posts are out of order. Will fix later!

Meanwhile, back on the road soon!

PMC Live: Dighton-Rehoboth Lunchstop (1.2)

Wow it's lunchtime already! 40 miles in, 42 to go, after a little refuel. We're all feeling great-- cool weather sure helps.

PMC Live: Wrentham Waterstop (1.1)

20 miles in, feeling great. Nice and cool so far! Quick break and then on to the next leg.

PMC Live: Wellesley Start (1.0)

Ready to ride! Overcast but looking good.

Friday, August 2, 2013

PMC Live - Registration complete!

Up very early this morning to beat the rush hour traffic as we made our way to Boston! Registration opened at 3:00 and even with a stopover in Westport CT for a family visit, we were practically first in line.

Carol met us in Wellesley a few minutes later and by 3:30 we had signed in and picked up our jerseys and assorted swag for the ride.

Carol met us in Wellesley a few minutes later and by 3:30 we had signed in and picked up our jerseys and assorted swag for the ride.

Our helmets have been lovingly prepared with the bees that the crowd enjoys every year. See you tomorrow!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Final ride: After 915 miles, The B-Team is ready to take flight!

It's hard to believe that it's been just 4 months since we started training back in April. It was a chilly spring, and there were some days when we wished for the heat we knew July would bring. Although we would eventually have some small regret about that wish, we really did have a great summer for cycling. We managed to get 31 rides in, averaging about 30 miles per ride.

Here's a photo from my "birthday ride" back on April 14th. This field is now full of corn, as you can see in the following picture, from today's ride.

Our goal for today was to do a quick jaunt that would push us past 900 miles for the season. We came in yesterday with 897 on the clock, so we easily made it with an 18-miler today. One of my goals for this year was to do 1,000 miles, and we came pretty close. If we had been able to get out just 1 or 2 weekends earlier, we probably could have done it! Still, we're very happy with our fitness level, and feel quite ready for PMC in less than a week.

2013 Training Totals:
Distance: 915.7 miles
Time: 75 hr 59 m
Elevation gain: 62,966 ft
Rides: 31

Skies were overcast today, and it feels like we may get some rain. So, not a great day for photos, and by now we feel pretty tapped-out scenery-wise on this loop. Still, it was nice to catch a glimpse of this beautiful doe on Lurgan.

Even though we were taking it pretty easy today, we did go up the back side of Eagle just to keep the legs warmed up. Amazing how much better it feels now vs. back in April!

Now it's time to clean up the bikes, and start laying out our gear and clothing for next weekend's ride. We'll make our way up to Boston Thursday, via an overnight in Connecticut. Then Friday we'll meet up with our 3rd B-Team member Carol, and head over to Babson College in Wellesley, MA to get registered and pick up our jerseys. And then Saturday morning we'll roll off with 5,500 other cyclists, on our way to Provincetown on Sunday.

A big thanks to everyone who supported us this year. With your help, The B-Team has raised over $17,000, meeting our $12,900 commitment well ahead of the ride weekend. We could not be more proud and humbled to be bringing your donations to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute via the PMC's $38 million goal for 2013.

Stay tuned to the blog on Friday, August 2nd, as we begin our "live" reporting from PMC weekend. We can't wait!

Brian & Janet
July 28, 2013
Newtown, PA

Ride stats
18.0 miles
1,325 ft elevation
01:28:08 moving time
39.4 mph max speed
12.2 mph avg speed
173 bpm max heart rate